Brand new Maroons Has actually Landed. Attention Pier Nation, The newest Maroons Has Arrived

I’m sure we said it could be a long time just before i posted regarding it foolish greater once again but we swear it’s for example she actually is fighting regarding clover hookup the Cable Moron Olympics and receiving authored is the Gold medal. She in addition to forgets many of us can See and if we aren’t speaking on place we are able to read more and you can constantly all the discussion.

So this earliest point is actually a little once noon now CST ( raeney is mysticzilla when you look at the an alternative cable label).

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Up coming that it 2nd section are days after in the early night (Raeney nevertheless speaking after which view near the prevent while focusing about what DooHag says).

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Sparkythe vehicle driving pimp from Texas

I’m not sure regarding the ya’ll, however, to this «vehicle rider regarding colorado», it�s one hundred% obvious DooHag are the girl using an extra title regarding the area while also speaking while the herself. Let’s face it, what are the potential that someone otherwise won’t just attack incon because of their tresses just moments shortly after she did, however additionally use the same spelling for moron while the by herself? The odds of that try substantial, you would has a far greater risk of Spiffy indeed washing one grease trap toward his lead.

Oh by the way, that mention of «vehicle driver regarding tx» was me personally mocking you to definitely rumor. I am not sure just who been it, but I would provides No idea how-to push an excellent bigrig, we haven’t even previously become in to the one to. We have inspired trucks, but i have together with driven a town vehicle, does which make me personally good pimp too? Contemplate you to definitely. yeeeefuckinhawwwwwwwwwwwwww, get real your hoes, we have been goin so you can Vegas!!